Sofia Diesel Center – Certified Diesel Service in Bulgaria

Sofia Diesel Center is a certified center for diesel pump § nozzle repair services. The center boasts quite a modern technical base and laboratory, meeting the requirements of the most successful fuel system manufacturers – from Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens VDO to Lucas.

Get in the action: how diesel pumps and nozzles get repaired at Sofia Diesel Center

Our modern base abounds in technologically advanced testing stands allowing for ultimate precision when handling with test injectors. If you suspect any problem with the fuel system, reach out to us right away! Currently, we offer services for:

  • Machinery and Building Technology
  • Buses and Minibuses
  • Vessel Equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Light Cars and Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Cars

Defect scanning

Count on us for proper evaluation of the damages after our team of accredited mechanics and experts has confirmed the existence of such.


Wait until our team reaches out to you with further details regarding the repair service itself, and the fees.

Technological process

The technological process is a detailed one, filled with precision, and is achieved through steps according to the manufacturer’s guidebook.


Verification is necessary for the proper assessment of the repaired part. The test is usually performed on a diesel stand.

Why trust us

•    Authentic parts

We only use original spare parts. Take advantage of excellent service at a reasonable price.

•    Certified repair service

We strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to recycling diesel fuel systems.

•    Inventory

Choose from a wide variety of pumps and nozzles at Sofia Diesel Center. Once the dysfunctional component has been recycled, it is then returned to the client along with a warranty, proving its healthy condition.

See? You don’t have to lose your sleep over that dysfunctional nozzle or pump anymore. Let our mechanics do the work for you, and bring back the smile on your face.

More about Sofia Diesel Center: where you can meet us

Get to know more about our modern, innovative set of tools and products, allowing for proper evaluation or recycling of diesel pumps and nozzles. At these exhibitions, you can discover new products and even get one at quite a reasonable price.

Sofia Diesel Center has got international popularity as well, thanks to our high-quality products and professional nozzle & pump repair services.

All of this has allowed us to keep a steady flow of clients and develop a loyal and consistent client base throughout the years.

To prove it, we’ve put together a bunch of auto exhibits we’ve been attended over the years: Automotive Expo Sofia 2018, Technical Fair Plovdiv 2016, Technical Fair Plovdiv 2017, Skopje Sami Techno 2017, Automobile Frankfurter 2016, Tuning Show Sofia 2016, Truk Shaw Trucks 2016, Technical Fair Plovdiv 2015, Bata Agro Stara Zagora 2015

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Sofia Diesel Center, or feel free to contact us at +359 888 09 80 60

P.S. Our center is located at 37 Paprat Street, Dragalevtsi, Sofia.

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