Do we spend more by shopping online

Of the 3.7 million users who use the Internet, over 1 million shop online. This number

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increases steadily in seconds as you read this

Product ads attract us from the screen of each scroll. Literally every person can make himself an “online store” and sell. And shopping lovers are like a fairy-tale supermagic mall in which they can surf hours without fatigue and amazing variety of items.

We spend when …

Goods that do not answer

Yet no one is insured by failed purchases. Most often it happens with clothes and shoes. Models that have nothing to do with the photo on the site. Shoes that do not match the numbers, dresses that look more like garbage bags, color mistakes, and the quality of the fabric. And naturally – those that give a defect or just come damaged. These troubles can happen no matter where you’re shopping. The difference is when you can return goods and those in which you can not and really throw money in the wind.


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It’s not nice to buy something online because it’s about 2 pounds cheaper and then you pay an extra 5 pounds. Or you have to pay customs fees because you have not paid attention to the limit of the amount to which they are not due. There are, of course, cases in which one has a reason to prefer to do so, but in other cases it is extra cost. Read carefully, some stores also have other fees, for example, to process the order. There may be bank charges and commissions, postage charges, such additional services,

Unfair practices

This is again a topic for increased attention during online shopping. The most common in the public domain are the cases of false discounts. You remember – it says something is reduced by 50%, and it’s actually the same price that even higher. So always compare. Other hazards include unsatisfied delivery times or its price. Read the terms and prefer merchants who send you a return email for a confirmed order with the terms and conditions. Otherwise, it can also cost money. For example, if you ordered a gift and it was delayed beyond what you expected, you will have no choice but to urgently run to buy a substitute.

It’s tempting


If a person is basically having trouble shopping with shopping, online shopping canbedangerous to the budget. It’s getting too fast and easy to have time to turn on the warning light. And as you feel, you’ve filled your cart and pushed the button with the irreplaceable “Buy.”

Impatience, oh, impatience

The ease with which internet purchases happen, this only finger movement, prompts us to rush. Wait for these discounts! Well, unless it’s something urgent. It is doubtful that you have not fallen into the trap of “I want it right now” and when you see it in a week or so, it will make you angry. A basic principle of savings when shopping, whether online or offline, is to give yourself time. Ten minutes, day, week. Until then you have not hesitated to want it right away: buy it.

With Online Shopping, one must definitely be careful.

And … have money. Because if we take the example of the failure to make cuts, the opposite is true: There are huge reductions, and we do not have the money to take advantage of them. And why, once you can get cash loans online.

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