Simple Puppy Training Techniques

Bringing a new puppy into the home is a very exciting time. When a puppy is brought into the home for the very first time it will experience many different sights and sounds which can be very overwhelming and stressful for the little one. It is a time where the owner needs to help the puppy desensitize to the new environment and adjust in a positive way. The owner will need to put in the time and effort to train the puppy. Although dogs can learn at any age, the critical learning period for a puppy is up to 16 weeks. It is important during this time to implement positive puppy training techniques. Below you will find some simple puppy training techniques to help your puppy adjust and become a happy and well-behaved dog. Positive Reinforcement: This method of training is an important training technique. Using positive reinforcement means rewarding your puppy for good behavior. Such rewards can include: clicker training followed by a food reward and affection as a reward such as giving the puppy praise. Positive reinforcement makes a puppy feel secure, happy, and loved. Punishing your puppy or using negative reinforcement techniques will only cause the puppy to be afraid and act aggressive. Dealing with Unwanted Behavior: It is important not to punish bad behaviour such as Continue Reading

Choosing Personal Security Dogs

For those who need a little extra protection, guard dogs can be a good choice. Majority of the people think of sheltering dogs as animals that remain home to protect the house, but the fact is that you can see working dogs that really accompany you anywhere you go. Guard dogs that have been carefully trained will be able to go with you as security dogs just about anywhere Click To Tweet  . For additional safety, dogs can offer not only an intimidation factor, but a valid threat to anybody who tries to harass you or become hostile. though it is not necessary to keep personal or watch dogs, but if you live in an unsafe area or you run a business where risk is involved or if you need some extra security, then guards dogs are ideal. Really, sheltering dogs have been used for centuries to keep their owners protected. If you are planning to purchase a guard dog, you need to buy from a legal company where you get quality dogs and ones who are trained exactly for protection. Your dog should not be a pup in any way. Adult dogs that have been trained in the art of protection should be the only animals you look at. You want a canine that has been exposed to several Continue Reading