End of tenancy cleaning: the lightening

When you are about to move out, you have a to-do list longer than this of the naughty kids that Santa has. You have to think about million things in the same time, you feel you have a personality disorder and you are going mad – packing and unpacking, transporting, house hunting, rent agreements, inspections, cleanings and so on. There comes a moment you believe that it will never end – this will never end and you will be forced to suicide. The truth is that if you manage to spend your time properly and you have a real plan – something that can be easily fulfilled and which is not too overwhelming, but includes each task that should be done, this whole process will go smoothly and you will even be at ease (oh, right, it’s possible).  

So let’s focus on the cleaning now, which is perhaps the most annoying task of them all, because the fact that you have to spend an incredibly great amount of time taking care of a place you are leaving and you will most probably never visit again, is against your understandings. Your desire, however, to get this money back and to spend them for something a lot nicer like a ski vacation in December for instance, make you organize this whole clean-up and actively participate in it.

The tips you will get are numerous, but I believe that there is a single, simple one that is a total must-know: details matter, they matter a lot. This means that vacuum-cleaning is not enough and you should pay attention to things like the lightening for instance and if you miss it, you will simply fail. For this reason, trusting the professionals and hiring one of the best London’s end of tenancy cleaners seems to be the best idea ever.

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