End of tenancy cleaning: the living room

When we are looking for a new home, we insist that it has more bedrooms, bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen, big windows, and a balcony. However, we spend almost all our time at home in the living room, no matter if we are watching the new episode of our favorite series if we are having a birthday dinner with our family or we are simply hanging out with our friends. And since the living room has become our favorite place in the flat, it’s also the room that needs a lot of cleaning. Unfortunately, we realize that not until the moment our rent agreement is coming to an end and we have to do the end of tenancy cleaning. Ok, calm down, it sounds scary, but if you know how to do it, it won’t take you a lot of time or many efforts.

The sofa

This could be the easiest and the hardest task. If you have taken care of this piece of furniture through the years, now you could easily refresh it. Start with vacuum-cleaner and take off all the dust. Then if you have a steam cleaner, you are the lucky one, because thus you will be ready for this part of the after tenancy cleaning in a few minutes. Otherwise, use a wet clout to wash the textile of the sofa. If the couch has some stains tough, it won’t be that simple.

You can buy one of the specialized detergents that are supposed to help you, but be prepared that you will have to make more efforts.

The carpet

Here the situation is almost the same because we are talking about textiles again. Start with a vacuum-cleaner and then use a steam cleaner or a wet clout. It’s good to know that if you spill something and you want to clean it you have to be fast because the more time passes, the more impossible it is the stain to vanish. So every time you spill something, take your time and wash it at the moment because that will save you a lot of trouble. You perhaps won’t be able to cope with the old stains, and that’s why don’t hesitate to call one of the London’s cleaning companies and ask for help.

The windows

image of cleaning the windows This task could be at the same time easy and tough, too. Cleaning the windows is normally not a big deal. You need a wet clout to take off the dust and the dirt from the glass and the windows frames. Then with a detergent and a rug, you can make them shine clearly. If you strive for perfection with a microfiber cloth you will be able to make them excellent. The windows can, however, be really inconvenient to clean. More often than not you need a chair and because you are not good at climbing, your legs start trembling while you try to simply spray the glass. However, it’s not something you cannot do, and soon the living room is going to be ready.

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