The pre-move in kitchen cleaning

You know how stressful the whole move out is, right? And you know how relieved and happy you feel when it is all done. Yes, the whole planning and packing, the time you spend making a research for the best end of tenancy cleaning company in London (thanks God, I chose the right one), the after tenancy checklist, the inventory one and the inspection of the landlord, the transportation. It is all done! And you think that you save and you won’t have to give yourself this trouble soon, when in fact you end up waking up in your new home, walking somehow to the kitchen and making a cup of coffee. And while you are waiting for it to be done, you take a look at this room and you are more than unsatisfied by what you see. Yes, it looked perfect when you came here with the real estate agent, but now you can more explicitly notice the imperfections and some little details that surely annoy you. Ok, the paradise you lived in for the last 24 hours was just destroyed and the reality happened.

So instead of complaining and procrastinating now, you better get started and make this kitchen the one of your dreams.  


The kitchen too often accumulates some dust, dirt and a lot of smells, as it is the room where all the food is being prepared. So no matter how well it is cleaned, I believe that it may need some kind of refreshment and I want to assure you that painting the walls would be the perfect solution. And do it now, because you haven’t arranged your stuff yet and the room is as empty as possible. The result would be wonderful and the whole appearance of the room – totally different

The Oven 

Yes, I know that you just had the oven situation in your old place, but this appliance stores dust and dirt and grease and I am totally sure that you won’t be so keen on the idea of cooking or baking something in there. So, yes, it needs a deep cleaning and you either have to find strong, but eco-friendly detergents and some tools, a couple of easy cleaning tips online and strengths in yourself so that you can perform it alone, or you will hire the same professional cleaning team, which will clean deeply the oven quickly, skillfully and efficiently.

The planning 

You need now to take a look at the drawers and cabinets. Remove all the dust first, because this flat may be cleaned far before you have rented it and now it needs a clean-up, and after that start planning. You have to think of all the things you would like to store in this room and to find the best places for all these things – be practical and make everything convenient for you, because with the tense lifestyle and busy schedule you have, you would like to prepare something for breakfast or for dinner as fast as possible.


You are cleaning too slowly? Here are the reasons why.
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