The top 3 appliances you clean far too rarely

There is a certain cleaning routine you have, but you don’t really think about. Yeah, you always start with removing the dust and somehow end up vacuum-cleaning, but you tidy some other areas in between as well. Throughout the years you learned (the hard way) that if you maintain your home well, it will look better, it will be cozier and the time you spend there will be absolutely amazing, so now you have planned to do the regular clean-up once a week. And sometimes you are that organized that you manage to cope with everything in the weekdays and you are the happy lady who is completely free at the weekend and is also able to go to the cinema or to the park or simply shopping. And there are other times when you spend your whole Saturday cleaning and you are completely ok then, too. You strongly believe that your home is clean and looks well. And it is to some extent true, but one of your friends is moving out soon and has now hired one of the London’s professional cleaners to perform the end of tenancy cleaning and after she told you how magical their service is and how they have made everything sparkle, you understood that there are some things in your house you almost always neglect. And here are the top 3 appliances that you therefore almost never clean. 

The coffee-maker  

This one is saving your life every day. It is the first appliance you use in the morning and without the magical coffee it makes, your morning will be grumpy and on the following day, you will be sad and unsatisfied. So yeah, you have to be thankful that you have it by your side. And you definitely need to clean it more often. It won’t take you too long and you can do it even in the morning with the delightful coffee in your one hand. Empty the appliance and then prepare a detergent with ½ part water and ½ part white vinegar, use it to clean every part and then remove it with a simple wet clout.

The dishwasher  

Well, you most probably think that this one doesn’t require cleaning as it cleans the dishes and is always working with water. Unfortunately, you can find a lot of stuff like food particles and soap scum there and you need to get rid of them. You better know that your dishwasher has a filter, and it needs to be cleaned regularly so that the whole appliance can work better.

The washing machine  

The top 3 appliances you clean far too rarely1This one also has to be cleaned on a regular basis and even you can notice this fact, if your clothes don’t smell as fresh as you want them to, for instance. You have to get rid of the hair and some other dirt that comes from the clothes and gets stuck in there, so with a mixture of baking soda, white vinegar, and water, you can do wonders.

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