Top 4 things that store more dirt than you can imagine

The oven is greasy and you know it, and that is why you clean it once a month and you even hire one of the professional London’s cleaners from time to time for a serious deep cleaning. The glasses of the windows become so dirty sometimes that you cannot see anything through them, but you are aware of this fact and you wash them not only during the spring and fall cleaning. These together with the vacuum-cleaning and the dust removal are among the traditional cleaning tasks and you may not tidy every day (for God sake, who has that much time?), but when you do, you make them look perfect. Unfortunately, however, there are some areas and things in your home that deserve a special attention for sure, but you neglect them because you don’t really know how dirty they are in reality. And the ugly truth is that when you skip them, the dust and dirt they store then spread all around the house and everything becomes the same, and it is so sad, seriously. So you better take a look at the list of things, you don’t have to skip next time. And you will thank me later.  

The pillows 

Top 4 things that store more dirt than you can imagine1I love them, you love them, everybody adores them. Yeah, they make your house more homey and cozy and that is why you have some on the couch and on the bed, on that bench in the hallway, in the garden and in the kitchen. They are everywhere and you like the way they make you feel at home. But in fact, there are maybe not bigger dust bombs than these ones. Yeah, they accumulate dirt and dust just like the carpet does, or the couch or the bed sheets, but you spend a particular amount of time cleaning each of them except for the pillows. Change this! Some of the pillows have slips that can be washed in the laundry and dried and if this is not possible, vacuum-clean them and then use a wet clout as well.

The trash cans 

Ok, they have trash in them and it is more than logical that they are dirty. But honestly, when was the last time you cleaned them? Right, you cannot remember. They contain a lot of dirt so clean them well not every time you empty them, but at least once a week.

The knobs, the handles, the switches

These are the details, but also the things you touch immediately when you come back home with your dirty hands with bacteria and so on. So with a wet clout clean them regularly, because disinfecting is the main part of home maintenance.

The curtains 

Well, they not only accumulate dust, but they also accumulate some smells, and that is even worse. So wash them in the laundry and hang them again and you will be amazed – yeah they will look better and they will change the whole appearance of your home, but they will also smell amazing and bring wonderful scents to your place.

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