You are cleaning too slowly? Here are the reasons why.

You are calm and happy every Saturday morning, when you have planned to clean up your entire home, and you even find something soothing in this whole procedure, you are not annoyed at all; it’s not a stupid duty for you. And yes, you are getting started with a surprising enthusiasm just after you have drunk your morning coffee. And the whole day you are not sorry at all, because you know that it is all worth it, but later in the evening when you realize that you haven’t done even half of the things you wanted to do, you are indeed disappointed. You know you have the right cleaning products as you have made a research earlier and you have found those that are strong and eco-friendly at the same time, you even have the cleaning tools that the professional team recommended you during the end of tenancy cleaning, but something is still going wrong, because the whole cleaning turns out to be not effective at all.

In fact there are some little things that you usually neglect, but in the reality cause you a lot of trouble. So next time, pay attention to the details!

You don’t maintain your cleaners

vacuum-cleaner-657719_640The vacuum cleaner bag is always full with dust and dirt and therefore this device is completely inefficient. You haven’t washed your microfiber mop since you bought it a year ago and it has accumulated more dust than every surface you want to clean with it. And when was the last time you put in the laundry the cloths you use for cleaning? You don’t remember, right? When you don’t maintain your cleaners properly, you work longer and harder with absolutely no result. And it’s a shame, because this task in comparison to the whole cleaning is too facile.

You are not waiting enough

You are using that super effective detergent and you are sure that it will make your home even shine; because a friend of yours told you that it is super magical. Yes, she is right and it is indeed magical, but have you read the instructions on the label? Most of the cleaning products require some time and you should lay them or spray them on the area you want to perfect and then let them stay for some time. Thus the result would be much better and you will not spend more time, but you will save some.

You are using the wrong tools or products

Yes, there are some tools that will be efficient on almost every surface (like the holy microfiber cloth), but the majority of them are too specialized. In fact too often you are looking for easy solutions and for this reason you reach for the first thing that might work, and unfortunately in most of the cases it doesn’t. So how do you clean the pet hair, for instance? With a lint roller, right? And yes, this is only a temporary solution for this problem, if you like something really efficient, try a damp rubber glove.infographic tenancy cleaning

Infographic of End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide, courtesy of SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning

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