Head-to-toe black: this year’s trend or all time classics?

Back to black, we always go.

It is eternal, this colour I mean. There are no trends more powerful that the black. It suits every shape and skin colour, every hairstyle and every preference. The black is simple and the simplicity is the key of style. The colours are transitory and so are the trends. One day you are loving that wine red coat and the other, you need something less or something more. In the meanwhile, black-dress-and-accessorieshere is the black. You adore it. I adore it. We all do. It is a saviour in all those early mornings, when you wake up with a mood too grumpy to decide, what to wear and how to combine. And then comes the black outfit. You put it on and it is fancy and sophisticated. You look trilling and everyone notices that. But is this an all time classics or just a thing we tend to rely on right now. And if the head-to-toe black is so damn nice, how to achieve that perfect results, without looking too pale and plain in the same time?

I found 5 different rules for the perfect combination of black clothes @ this article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ada-polla/5-rules-for-wearing-all-b_b_3689346.html

5 Rules for Wearing All Black Clothing

1. Vary the fabrics and textures. Nothing looks dowdier than an all-black outfit that is all cotton…
2. On the fabric note, make sure the fabric selection is season appropriate. A black wool dress will look fabulous in the fall, but out-of-place during the summer. Silk and linen make it easier to pull off the all-black look during the warmer months.
3. When putting together a black-on-black, fit becomes even more important. Take advantage of the fact that black is slimming and have the clothes be more fitted and flattering, rather than shapeless and drab.
3. Add interest with accessories. Bold, colorful jewelry becomes the statement piece of your outfit. For me, colored stiletto heels are the go-to shoe with any black on black outfit.
5. Make your outfit more dressy or casual with the simple change of lipstick color. A LBD can go from day (with a light pink lip stain) to-night (with a bold, deep red lip) seamlessly.

Original Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Choose something that suits you

The best advantage of the black is that put the accents on that part of your figure that looks the best. But this magical effect could be real, only after you have chosen and bought things that really suit you. So of this pair of jeans doesn’t look and fit nice, find another one. Don’t make compromise with the basics.

Layer up

There is something you should keep in mind. On the one hand is the inspiring black outfit and on the other is the boring one. The border is thin. So what you could do is layering up. Skinny black ripped jeans, fancy black boots, nice black shirt, a scarf and a leather jacket.

And here are some more ideas for the perfect black clothes outfit:

Original Source: YouTube

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