Blackboards at home

Because black is always a good idea

When you move in, you want to make your house homier immediately and you get kind of disappointed when you face the reality and realize that in fact it takes time, energy, money, efforts. However, do not lose your initial enthusiasm and arrange everything so that this whole place will be your reflection. There are decorations you buy from big supermarkets and those you find in small antique markets or that shop in the center of Paris last summer, and there is one more kind – decorations you made by yourself. And this does not mean that you cannot afford buying some, but that you want to use your imagination and creativity making something unique and personal and flawless and you will then always remember that weekend you planted the succulents in the garden and the time you made some blackboards. And they are definitely more enthralling than you expect.

Have a framed one

chalkboard-705280_640Blackboards are everywhere and it was long ago they escaped the primary schools and turned out to be wonderful decorations. Take one and put it in beautiful old frame or a nice modern one. The simplicity is the key to the perfection. And then you can use your imagination. You can make a to-do list and hang the blackboard on the wall in the kitchen where all members of the family will be able to write what they need to do, to buy, where and when to go. You can leave simple notes or just a reminder how awesome you are and how much you love your family. You can ask your kids to draw something on a blackboard and then hang in the entryway and the hallway and you can ask them to do it every month and this is going to be there first improvised exhibition and they will feel nice and worthy. You can have several of these and you can write some nice quotes in a beautiful font – something that is going to motivate you, inspire you or just remind you how nice the life actually is. The words are powerful. They are all we have. Use them wisely and the effect will be delightful.

Use chalkboard paint

But if you are brave enough and you are not traditionalist, you can try painting a whole wall with the chalkboard paint. It is a nice idea and it can lead to even better result. Ask then everyone who visits your home, for instance, to write something nice – it may be a wish, a quote, a couplet from a favorite song, a nice memory together. How charming and cute will everything then look? This will definitely be a house with soul and it will be more personal – your place with your emotions, feelings, sensations and ones of your friends. You can draw something if you are good at it, you can use it for a Christmas decoration, for example, and only with some water, you can always make it black back, and start again, from the beginning.



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