How much do I pay for a designer?

Step 1 – “Do I need a designer?”

Image of colorful room

Let’s say you’ve already surrendered with yourself and you do not ask yourself, “Why hire an interior designer?” The time comes when you start looking for the right person for the job. Let’s see what exactly we want from the designer, though?

  1. “I can not imagine whether the yellow one I have chosen will suit the purple pillows I have bought in advance”

In this case you do not need a designer. You need a visualizer to tell you exactly what you want, and he’ll make it 1: 1.

  1. I do not understand anything from design. I have a lot of ideas, but I prefer doing my job, making money, doing technical papers, orders, supplies, craftsmen, materials, and so on.

Here is a tangible topic for conversation.

Step 2 – How do I find and choose a designer?

  • I write in google “Interior Design and I look at the pictures here. Which turns out to be the most brutal ERROR that one can do, why the results are just CONTINUING! I look and I do not believe in my eyes. Or maybe this is the level of native designers and this is what the client is looking for?
  • Help from a friend who used the service of one. / The condition is that your friend does not fall into the first point of step 1 /

After a while, we have identified 2-3-5 studios whose work we like. It’s time to meet them and find out exactly what they’re doing.

Step 3 – What exactly am I going to pay for?

  • Design concept / idea – these are visualizations of your space or so-called 3D pictures.
  • Design Concept + complete design documentation – above + all drawings for site implementation.
  • The top two + supervisor – the designer does the project, you run it with your people (he cheats and licks you accordingly) and he goes from time to time to check if everything is OK.
  • The first two + overall project management – no need to explain I think.

Step 4 – How much will I pay?

Let’s say you are case 2 from step 1. 🙂 I will open the following bracket and tell a story about Picasso.

Image of flowerpots

Picasso was painting in the park, and there was a woman near him. “Oh, you are the great Picasso. You will draw me a portrait! “… He drew the portrait and said” 4,000 dollars! “… The lady cried out, angry at how it could cost so much money for 20 minutes. The great Picasso responded with indifference, “Lady … it took me all my life!”

Let’s go back to design again, where the situation is absolutely identical. How can one ask me 15 euro / m2, another one – 25, third – 10% of the project cost, and the fourth to work at a fixed fee regardless of the size of the project. The answer is one, because quality has a higher price.

And if your dream is to be an interior designer you can check the top colleges for interior design.

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