A short guide to choosing an end of tenancy cleaning team

You are moving out soon and you are not only leaving this apartment you lived in for a couple of years, but you are leaving the neighborhood as well. However, you are smart enough not to risk the money from your security deposit and you have realized that spending a little bit more on a cleaning that will be performed professionally and skillfully is the better option. And now you are facing another problem – the uncertainty of choosing a cleaning team you haven’t hired before is not something you are keen on, so you are bewildered not knowing what to choose. The truth is that there are a few things you have to pay attention to, while looking for a cleaning company, and here is a list of them: 

The region

Find locals, is the first rule. No matter what, if you hire a company from a region or neighborhood too far away, you will have to pay a lot more and unfortunately, not for better quality, but because of the transportation expenses the cleaning team will have. So make a proper research and look for specialists in the region you currently live.

The reports

As you have to find a local company, or at least a big and prosperous one, which has a section in your region, you now have to consult with your neighbors and friends and anybody you know, who lives or has lived in the same neighborhood. Most probably they have used some of the services the company you have choses offers, and they could tell you their impressions.

The satisfaction guarantee

Or the lack of it. A company, which offers such a guarantee is a company that is sure in the abilities of its cleaners and in the results.

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