My dream house in Halkidiki

You all know Greece – the land of the timelessness, of the complete tranquility and the nonchalance of the people that almost borders on unconventionality and madness. Greece is blue, magical and free. Greece is the home of my soul and that is why I wanted to build a home here. So this is the reason I bought a house in Halkidiki. And it’s not a simple house – it’s one of those lovely small white buildings with blue shatters. It has spacious rooms, high ceilings and a history; it has even balcony. And on it you can drink your coffee when you wake up late in the morning (is it morning around 11a.m.?), you can have Greek yogurt with figs from the garden for brunch and just relax. On the same balcony you can prepare your lunch cooking on a grill the fishes meshed only a couple of hours earlier that you bought from the local market. Or you can simply be at ease, looking at the sea that is 100 meters away, relishing the breeze and the sunshine, the coolness and the heat. You can spend your evening with the one you love, two couples of ouzo and so much to share. On the next day, after you have jogged on the lovely endless Halkidiki beach, you can come back to your precious home, where you can sit in the shady garden. And here a hundred years ago, the owner of the house of that time, planted an olive tree that now enthralls you with its differently green color, with the olives that now gather the sunbeams and grow in the salty air, and then will supplement your Greek salad so that to make it perfect. The house of my dreams in Halkidiki is the place I need only my swimsuit, my camera, a few books and my beloved. Complete happiness.

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