Sea, sand, salt, us

Close your eyes for a second, open your mind hear the quiet and calm noise of the waves, feel the sunshine on every part of your body, the humid air soaked with fishing-at-sunset-209112_1280emotions of other people at other shores, or in a boat in the middle of the sea, and your heavy breathing, the salt on your skin, the slight gentle breeze in your hair, open your eyes, see the perfectly blue sea with no end, notice its motion that calms you and excites you in the same time, see the reflection of the sun in the waters and the sun itself – dazzling and bright, see the sky in one of its million shades of blue changing every time you look up, see this place with no borders, which destroys all borders in your heart and make you want to fly. Breathe slowly this air full of tranquility and freedom. The sea is freedom, haven’t I mentioned yet? Go through the fine sand, hot and swallowing, holding hands with the only one in the world that makes you feel safer than the mighty sea does. Together walk and talk and be silent and stop and scream and run and say no word or sing your favorite song, lay on the beach for a moment, cuddled on the sand, where you have nothing but the sea and the sky and your love, which means indeed that you have everything you could possibly ever need. Fall asleep or wake up, write a poem or read one, remember that time you met, you first kissed and the pure bliss thereafter, forget all the quarrels that exist indeed and those moments you made each other feel miserable and forgotten. Close your eyes; the life is too nice simple, to complicate it with more than that. Enough.


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