Why your best holiday could be in Halkidiki only?

It is summer again, but there is no beach, no breeze, no salty and tanned skin and no holiday, for now, you are stuck in the office. But every single time you see a Facebook post of one of your friends lying on a beach somewhere with a Mojito in one hand and a lovely novel in the other, you are trying to kill your envy with thoughts about your own holiday. The main question now is which destination you should choose and where you should go? The first option is the touristic sight – that city or country that is full of history and architecture and tourists and there is nothing other than crowds and queues and people and yes you should go in Egypt and see the pyramids, you should take a look from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and take a photo from the Empire State Building. But the truth is that this is a wonderful and enthralling trip to be remembered, but in fact has nothing to do with the summer holiday, because what are you dreaming of in the middle of July, honestly? It is calmness and relax, it’s not jetlag and waiting, listening to audio guides and walking and walking. For this reason, there is one and only, second to none, holiday destination – the magical Greek peninsula Halkidiki. And here are some of the thousands reasons why you should rent a house for at least a week or directly buy a property there, thus assuring yourself an eternal ticket to heaven.

The beaches

What is summer all about – endless and perfectly azure sea, beautiful beach, hot sand, bright sunshine, cold drinks, a cocktail, togetherness, reality off, a book or a magazine, beachy hair, seagulls, darker skin? Summer is tranquility and only a place like Halkidiki can offer you complete flawlessness – the mountains go directly into the sea and there is only a magnificent beach in between. There are cliffs, there is fine sand, there is nostalgia for a summer that never actually happened, nostalgia in a dream. Being at ease – in the most perfect way possible. There are not too many people, there is your house, the road, the beach and the infinity.

The food

retaurant-411940_1280What you are looking for when you go on a summer holiday, except for the beaches and the sunbathing, is the quality of the food – its tastiness and uniqueness. And the Greek cuisine is a phenomenon, it is perfection in the mouth, every bite is a whole universe of enthralling sensations. No matter if you are having a breakfast in one of the lovely little bakeries where the smell of freshly home-made delis enchants you or you are having a dinner in one of the tavernas where not only you can try the most delightful meals of the south, but you can also feel the charming atmosphere – Greeks having fun, dancing sirtaki, laughing, chilling, enjoying life just like the Ancients did. Ntolste Vita, say the Greeks, sweet life.

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